Get into Clojure with ClojureBridge

Welcome to ClojureBridge CommunityDocs, the central location for material supporting and extending the core ClojureBridge curriculum ( Our goal is to provide additional labs and explanations from coaches to address the needs of attendees from a wide range of cultural and technical backgrounds.

In most cases ClojureBridge attendees will work through lab problems with the help of coaches, so "notes for the instructor" should be included in each document to promote a consistent experience across all classes.

Help Wanted!!
Yes, we really want help from you. It's going to take a village to raise a new generation of Clojure developers. We've had a fantastic response from the Unsession at Clojure/Conj and the ClojureBridge mailing list from people asking how to contribute. By reviewing, improving, and adding new documents here, we can and will grow the Clojure community!

Please fork the repo, improve or add document(s), and send us a pull request. Your work will become an appreciated and enduring piece of future ClojureBridge workshops.