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ClojureBridge Berlin organizes free programming workshops for members of underrepresented groups. All organizers, coaches, and assistants volunteer a part of their free time. To cover costs we rely on the generous patronage of companies that support us in our cause.


By supporting us you help to make the world a little better. Your company also gets to associate itself with a positive and ambitious event, which aims to increase diversity in the technology scene.

Your company has an option of different tiers of support. The sponsorship tiers involve directly paying our supplier with the order details we provide, and as such also mean you can pay with credit card and will receive an invoice.

All our sponsors are listed on our website and on our event page on ClojureBridge.org. They’ll receive a shoutout at the start and end of the event along with their logos in our presentations. All our sponsors will also have the opportunity to offer “swag” (stickers, note books, thumb drives, etc.) at the event.

Additionally, those who sponsored in our top three tiers will also get special shoutouts on our social media accounts, along with priority placements of their logos.


If you’ve opted for a sponsorship tier, then your transaction will be with our suppliers directly. In this case, we will give you the exact link/message/order that we need, and you make the transaction with that company directly. This means normal business billing, with ability to pay by credit card, and get an invoice. However, due to the nature of the process, we can’t predict the exact amount — it would depend on factors such as the the number of sign-ups.

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