Clojure Programming Workshops

Next event: 10-11 March 2019 @ Functional Works. 36-42 New Inn Yard London, EC2A 3EY

ClojureBridge is a fun, free and friendly workshop for those identifying as women or non-binary gender, coaching them in the art of coding. We teach students Clojure, a functional programming language that is great for beginners and experienced developers alike.

There are three learning paths we suggest for the workshop and we provide a coach to support you in which ever you choose:

  • Absolute Beginner - have a conversation with your computer using colours and shapes
  • A little coding experience - tackle some simple challenges
  • Some experience coding - build a website, app or game with a coach

Why learn Clojure?

Clojure is a modern, general purpose programming language that can be use to build apps for the web, mobile devices and desktop. The simple syntax of the Clojure language makes it a great choice for those new to programming, or existing developers who want to learn about functional programming.

Clojure has a huge amount of libraries available to help you build a wide range of apps really quickly. You can use all the libraries from its host platforms, JavaScript/Node.js, Java or Microsoft .Net, too.


The ClojureBridge workshop introduces you to fundamental programming concepts in Clojure through many practical examples and exercises. Coaches and assistants are there to guide you and help you build your first apps in Clojure.


Each participant requires their own laptop with either MacOSX, Linux or Windows operating system. We help you set up your laptop for Clojure during the install party.

Typical workshop schedule

Actual workshop times may vary slightly

Friday evening - Intro & Install

Once we verify you have a working Clojure setup you may leave, or you can stay and ask questions, try some Clojure or simply get to know the Clojure community better.

Saturday - Workshop

  • 10.00 - Doors open, breakfast
  • 11.00 - Workshop starts
  • 13.15 - Group show & tell
  • 13.30 - Lunch
  • 14.30 - Continue workshop
  • 17.00 - Retrospective - your feedback
  • 17.30 - Social & Drinks

We will encourage you to have regular breaks during the workshop, to give your brain a chance to absorb all this new information.

The event is free of charge and run by unpaid volunteers from the Clojure community. While the workshop is primarily for trans/cis women & non-binary attendees, our coaches and organizers are members of the local Clojure community of various genders. Everyone agrees to abide within the ClojureBridge Code of Conduct.

Workshop Materials

Here you will find the ClojureBridge workshop material and initial resources that will help you learn Clojure. We have also included a few key follow-on resources and valuable links in the Clojure community.

Workshop Materials

Continuing your learning after ClojureBridge

There are many great resources to continue discovering Clojure. Here are just a few examples that we think you may find useful after the workshop.

Practising Clojure

Clojure Community

The London Clojurian community is friendly and welcoming (please tell us if this is not your experience) and very active. We run around 4 events per month, incuding coding dojos* in the evenings, all day workshops on a Saturday and a monthly talk. All our events can be found on the London Clojurians Meetup group

London Clojurians

*Coding dojos are evening events (7pm-9pm) where we suggest simple challenges and form small groups (3-5 people) to solve a challenge. We show what we have learnt at the end of the evening.

Coaches' Resources

Resources to help the coaches and assistants prepare for the ClojureBridge workshop


We want to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, so we will be asking all learners and event volunteers to respect our Code of Conduct , which will be strictly enforced.

Our aim is that ClojureBridge London will introduce learners to new possibilities in programming and make the tech community in London a more diverse and interesting place.

About us


ClojureBridge London is organized with a lot of love by volunteers. We try our best to make the workshop a memorable event and bring more diversity into our community.

If you have some Clojure experience (a few months or more) then why not volunteer to be a coach or assistant? Helping others to learn is a great way to enhance your skills and confidence in Clojure (and teamwork). We also run coach training events a few weeks before each workshop.

Twitter: @ClojureBridgeLN

Hashtag: #ClojureBridge

Chatroom: ClojureBridge London Slack channel ( join slack group)

Previous Workshops

Workshop Autumn 2017

This workshop took place on 18th November, we had 14 students and 11 coaches.

Host: Skills Matter (CodeNode)

Sponsor: Signal Media

Workshop Summer 2017

This workshop took place on 3rd June, we had 25 students and 15 coaches.

Host: Thoughtworks

Workshop Autumn 2016

This workshop took place on 25th and 26th November in London . We had 21 students and 15 coaches.


Workshop Autumn 2016

The Autumn workshop took place on 1st October in London. We had 18 students and around 18 coaches.

Host: Thoughtworks

Workshop February 2016

The February workshop took place on 18th and 19th February in London . We had 28 students and around 12 coaches.

Host: uSwitch

Workshop April 2015

Our first workshop happened on 17th and 18th April in London . We had 35 students and 14 coaches. Our generous host was uSwitch


Previous Sponsors

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