Colours and Shapes

The Colours and Shapes in Clojure learning path uses an interactive website called It lets you write code and see the results straight away. You can also make your own note and save them once you have taken a copy.


We will ask you to login to with your GitHub account.

Please create a free GitHub account if you do not already have one.

to

Open the website and sign-in using the same GitHub account.

You may be prompted to authorize access to your GitHub account. This is safe (and can be revoked after the event) GitHub access request

Open and duplicate the ClojureBridge London curriculum

Click on the start here link for the Feb 2020 London ClojureBridge event ClojureBridge London course

Press the duplicate button to create your own copy (so you can save all your code) duplicate course

You should now have your own copy, as show in the top bar duplicated course

Duplicate not working?

Try logging out of and then logging back in again (I know, but it might work)

If you are using Chrome, try using an Incognito browser tab or window. Or try Firefox browser.

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