ClojureBridge Workshop Overview

Thank you for joining us.

How much you discover is how much you were supposed to discover

There is more content here than anyone can cover in a day, so however far you get is the right amount of progress for you.

If you enjoy the day you can of course continue with any topics and challenges you didn't get to as follow-on exercises.

We also welcome you to come along to the London Clojurian community events

Colours and Shapes in Clojure

A visual way to learn how to write code by creating and interacting with shapes. From simply adding colours to creating multiple shapes and colours and creating simple animations.

Colours and Shapes in Clojure

Clojure Essentials

Covers the language syntax of Clojure, so you can speak Clojure to your computer, along with some of the core concepts of thinking functionally.

  • Simple values (numbers, characters, strings)
  • Assignment (naming things)
  • Collections of values
  • Functions
  • Flow Control flow
  • Iteration
  • Challenges or Projects

Simple Coding Challenges

Guided projects

  • Celebrity Name Smash - string manipulation: subs count, take, str, lazy sequence, apply, reduce
  • Most common word - find the most common word in a book (not including common English language words, like 'the')
  • Clacks messages - simple encoding & decoding of messages, thinking about data structures: maps (key value pairs), get, map reduce (extension of the map reduce sandwich)


Explore your own solutions to the following challenges


You should have a Clojure environment set up from our event on Friday evening. If you missed this, please get in touch with a volunteer to help you get setup.

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