and Proton user guide

A simplified user guide to get you started quickly and a list of keyboard shortcuts.

Please take a look at the Proton documentation for a detailed guide.

Space menu

SPC means press the Space bar on the keyboard. This displays a text menu to run the most common commands.

, means press the comma key. This will open the language specific menu. So when a Clojure window pane is displayed, , will show you commands specific to Clojure.

You can also use SPC m to get to the same Clojure menu.

Add Clojure Project to Atom

SPC f f to add a Clojure project to Atom. This should be a project created with Leiningen.

Open the project.clj file and add the latest proto-repl library as a dependency

Start a Local Clojure REPL

, s i will start a REPL using the Clojure project

A new window pane will open in Atom and the REPL will start in a few seconds.

Connecting to a Remote REPL

, s c will connect to a running REPL, (i.e. that was started in a terminal with the command lein repl).

When prompted, enter the hosts and port number from the already running REPL. These details were shown when the REPL was run.

Evaluate code in the REPL

shift+enter evaluates code that you type in the REPL window.

The REPL maintains a history of the code typed in and can be navigated by using the up and down arrow keys.

Evaluate code in the source file

, e b evaluates an expression (a block of code)

, e B evaluates the outer-most expression (top block)

, e r evaluates a selected region of code

Changing the REPL Namespace

Change the REPL namespace to get access to the functions in that namespace.

Place your cursor in the namespace definition, (ns my-namespace ,,,)

, e B evaluates the namespace expression and change the REPL to this new namespace.

Save changes in the source code file

SPC f s will save the current file.

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