Kata Challenges

A coding kata is a simple exercise that helps you practice your coding skills. Each challenge can be done in many different ways, so they are great for experimenting with the language you are learning.

Coding kata are also useful for practicing the art of writing tests. Ideally you write a failing test, then write the code to make the test pass, then write another test, etc.

Suggested Kata exercise

Before starting a kata challenge, take a look at the next pages that cover writing Clojure tests.

Other Kata suggestions

Another fun one that takes a few hours is the ugly trivia legacy code refactoring kata: https://github.com/jbrains/trivia/tree/master/clojure

  1. Roman numerals
  2. String calculator
  3. Prime factors
  4. Print diamond
  5. Ugly trivia (edited)

How far you get is how far you should have gone

There is more content here than anyone can cover in a day, so however far you get is the right amount of progress for you.

If you enjoy the day you can of course continue with any topics and challenges you didn't get to as follow-on exercises.

We also welcome you to come along to the London Clojurian community events

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