Exercise: Fun with Palindromes

These exercises will give you more experience using strings and the clojure.string library.

Simple Palindrome Checker

A Palindrome is a word that is spelt the same whether it is written backwards or forwards. So when you reverse the word it should still look the same.

Can you write a simple expression to see if a word, e.g. "radar", is a palindrome.

You will need to reverse the word and compare (see if it is equal) to the original word.


Clojure.string library

The clojure.string library has some handy functions for manipulating strings.

Using functions on strings that are not part of the clojure.string library can give 'interesting' results.

Reveal answer...

Using a function called reverse in the clojure.string library

;; Is the reverse of the string "radar" equal to the string "radar"
(= "radar" (clojure.string/reverse "radar"))

You could use the generic reverse function in clojure.core, however this returns a list the individual characters in reverse order, rather than reversing the string as a single value.

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