VSCode and Calva user guide

Open the VSCode editor and start a REPL for your project. Then add your Clojure project and connect to your REPL.

MacOSX Keys - Option or Alt

Depending on the version of Mac computer you use, your Alt key may be called Option So Ctrl+Alt+cv e would be Ctrl+Option+v e

Open Project Folder in VSCode

Ctrl+k Ctrl+o to open the Folder that contains your project. Or using the menu File > Open Folder

Select the top level of the folder, e.g. playground and click OK

Start a REPL project and connect: . Answer the quick-pick prompts telling Calva about project types and what profiles to start.

Start a REPL for the project using Leiningen.

ctrl+alt+c ctrl+alt+j to start a REPL.

Select or type Leiningen when prompted for the project type

VS Code - Calva - Start REPL - nREPL button

Wait a few moments for the REPL to start.

A new CLJ REPL tab will open when the Clojure REPL is ready

VS Code - Calva - Start REPL - nREPL button


If the REPL did not start, the nREPL link in the bottom blue bar will show the word "Disconnected".

VS Code - Calva - Start REPL - nREPL button

Open the Output tab to see the progress of the REPL starting. Ask your coach for help if you see output other than that below.

VS Code - Calva - Start REPL - nREPL button

Developing your project

Once you have a running REPL, use these commands to help you develop your code.

MacOSX Keys - Option or Alt

Depending on the version of Mac computer you use, your Alt key may be called Option So Ctrl+Alt+c e would be Ctrl+Option+c e

Evaluate code Keybinding Description
Namespace Ctrl+Alt+c n [Broken] Evaluate the current namespace and change namespace in REPL
All code in Namespace Ctrl+Alt+c alt+n Evaluate all the code in current namespace
Outer expression Ctrl+Alt+c SPACE Show the result of the top level expression
Expression Ctrl+Alt+c e Show the result of the current expression
Expression (send to REPL) Ctrl+Alt+c alt+e Send expression to the REPL and evaluate
Pretty print Ctrl+Alt+c p Print expression so its easier to read
Replace expression Ctrl+Alt+c r Replace the expression with its result
In the REPL Enter Code in the REPL window is evaluated

You can run tests from Calva too...

Tests to run Keybinding Description
All tests Ctrl+Alt+c Shift+t Run all tests in the project
Current Namespace tests Ctrl+Alt+c t Run all tests for the current namespace
Re-run failing tests Ctrl+Alt+c Ctrl+t Run all tests for the current namespace

REPL history

The REPL maintains a history of the code typed in and can be navigated by using the up and down arrow keys.

Commenting / uncommenting code

Type ;; at the start of a line to comment out the whole line.

Comment keybindings ?

Increase / decrease font size

Ctrl + and Ctrl - will increase and decrease the size of the whole editor.

Structured editing - Paredit

Once you get the basics of Clojure development, you can try structural editing which is a way to refactor you code without breaking the structure of Clojure. Structural editing ensures you dont have uneven parentheses, (), [], {}, etc.

Please look at the documentation for Calva Paredit to make use of Structural editing.

Starting a remote REPL (old approach)

Ctrl+` toggles open the VSCode Integrated terminal. Or open your operating system terminal.

In the terminal, change to the folder than contains your project, e.g. cd projects/clojure/playground

Type the command lein repl in the terminal.

Calva Atom Terminal - Clojure REPL running

Connecting to a Remote REPL from Calva

Ctrl+Alt+c c will open a command pop-up asking you to enter host and port. These details were shown when the REPL was run in the terminal.

Calva - connect to running REPL

In the bottom left of Atom, check the status of the nrepl connection. If you are connected, then the disconnected status should disappear

Calva - nrepl disconnected

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