VSCode and Calva user guide

Open the VSCode editor and start a REPL for your project. Then add your Clojure project and connect to your REPL.

Open Project Folder in VSCode

Ctrl+k Ctrl+o to open the Folder that contains your project. Or using the menu File > Open Folder

Select the top level of the folder, e.g. playground and click OK

Add dependencies to project

Open the project.cj file and add the following dependencies

(defproject playground "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"
  :dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.8.0"]
                 [nrepl               "0.5.3"]
                 [cider/cider-nrepl   "0.20.0"]])

Run a REPL for the project using Leiningen.

Ctrl+` toggles open the VSCode Integrated terminal. Or open your operating system terminal.

In the terminal, change to the folder than contains your project, e.g. cd projects/clojure/playground

Type the command lein repl in the terminal.

Calva Atom Terminal - Clojure REPL running

Connecting to a Remote REPL from Calva

Ctrl+Alt+v c will open a command pop-up asking you to enter host and port. These details were shown when the REPL was run in the terminal.

Calva - connect to running REPL

In the bottom left of Atom, check the status of the nrepl connection. If you are connected, then the disconnected status should disappear

Calva - nrepl disconnected

Developing your project

Once you have a running REPL, use these commands to help you develop your code.

Evaluate code Keybinding Description
Namespace Ctrl+Alt+v n Evaluate the current namespace and change namespace in REPL
All code in Namespace Ctrl+Alt+v alt+n Evaluate all the code in current namespace
Outer expression Ctrl+Alt+v SPACE Show the result of the top level expression
Expression Ctrl+Alt+v e Show the result of the current expression
Expression (send to REPL) Ctrl+Alt+v alt+e Send expression to the REPL and evaluate
Pretty print Ctrl+Alt+v p Print expression so its easier to read
Replace expression Ctrl+Alt+v r Replace the expression with its result
In the REPL shift+enter Code in the REPL window is evaluated

You can run tests from Calva too...

Tests to run Keybinding Description
All tests Ctrl+Alt+v Shift+t Run all tests in the project
Current Namespace tests Ctrl+Alt+v t Run all tests for the current namespace
Re-run failing tests Ctrl+Alt+v Ctrl+t Run all tests for the current namespace

REPL history

The REPL maintains a history of the code typed in and can be navigated by using the up and down arrow keys.

Commenting / uncommenting code

Type ;; at the start of a line to comment out the whole line.

Comment keybindings ?

Increase / decrease font size

Ctrl + and Ctrl - will increase and decrease the size of the whole editor.

Structured editing - Paredit

Once you get the basics of Clojure development, you can try structural editing which is a way to refactor you code without breaking the structure of Clojure. Structural editing ensures you dont have uneven parentheses, (), [], {}, etc.

Please look at the documentation for Calva Paredit to make use of Structural editing.

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