reduce function

reduce is another function that takes a function and collection as arguments.

(reduce some-fn ["my" "collection" "of" "values"])

reduce calls the function using the first values in the collection as arguments to that function. reduce does this over and over again until it finally reaches the end of the collection.

Add numbers in a collection

Use reduce with a function that adds numbers together, eg. [10 20 30 40 50]


Join strings together

Think of a function that joins strings together and use it with reduce to join the words in a collection eg ["h" "e" "l" "l" "o" " " "Clojure"]

Reveal answers...
(reduce + [30 60 90])              ;=> 180
(reduce str ["h" "e" "l" "l" "o"]) ;=> "hello"
(reduce str ["h" "e" "l" "l" "o" " " "Clojure"]) ;;=> "hello Clojure"

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