Lets create some code with klipse

(def john {:firstname "John" :lastname "Stevenson"})

(:firstname john)

Code is styled with style/website.css inline with single backtick marks as in the following code (+ 1 2 3).

And code can be shown without klipse using the usual triple backtick and optional name of the programming language

(+ 1 2 3)

And code in an earlier part of the page in Klipse should be available in latter klipse sections


Can we hide klipse away from prying eyes

Reveal answer...
(str "fixed code answers that can be copied into klipse")

Lets use a gist with klipse - collapse false

Reveal answer...

collapse true

Reveal answer...

App idea: simple app that tracks how many times I mistakenly used defn instead of def or vice versa

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