Fun - Coding in the Clojure REPL

Clojure gives you fast feedback as you develop your code, thanks to the Clojure REPL.

Klipse in action with Clojure

Clojure code is entered in the top input box and the result is instantly shown in the box underneath.

Try the Clojure REPL in the browser

Change the numbers in this Clojure code to see the REPL in action

Remember to keep the numbers inside the () and after the +

(+ 1 2 3)

Using a REPL in this workshop

For this workshop there is a REPL on each web page. This uses a ClojureScript project called Klipse.

Your Clojure aware editor also has a REPL that works in the same way. You type in code and you can evaluate it.

"REPL" - Read, Eval, Print, Loop

A REPL is a way to interactively evaluate your code and get instant results.

  • Read - the code is read to see if it is correct.
  • Evaluate - the code is compiled into something the computer can understand and run through
  • Print - the result is printed to the screen
  • Loop - we go back to the start and do it all again

All this happens almost instantly in the REPL, so all you really see is the result printed to the screen.

Most editors also allow you to evaluate code directly in the editor window.

In LightTable you can press Ctrl - Enter at the end of a line of Clojure code, after the final closed parentheses, ).

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