Exercise: Spell Checking

Fixing spelling mistakes

One aspect of fixing spelling mistakes is to find and replace incorrect words.

Is there a function in Clojure or one of its libraries we can use to replace the mis-spelt word in these sentences?

"simplicity ovr complexity"

"coed as data as coed"

Reveal answer...

Again, the clojure.string library helps us by providing the replace function.

;; Replace in this string the characters ovr with the characters over

(clojure.string/replace "simplicity ovr complexity" "ovr" "over")
;; => "simplicity over complexity"

(clojure.string/replace "coed as data as coed" "coed" "code")
;; => "code as data as code"

The clojure.stringclojure.string library

Remember that there are specific functions you can use in the clojure.string library

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