EXERCISE: Modelling People

Model Yourself

Make a map representing yourself, using only the information about yourself you want to share.

Example information could include: your first name and last names, where you grew up, favourite food.

Add some information directly to the map, then use assoc or merge to add more.

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{:name "Jenny" :age 21 :location "London, UK" :hobbies "cycling"}

[BONUS]: Model your classmates

Use the map you made about yourself in previous exercise.

Create a vector of maps containing the first name, last name and hometown of two or three other classmates around you.

Add your map to their information using conj.

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[{:name "Jenny" :age 21 :location "London, UK" :hobbies "cycling"}
{:name "Sammy" :age 24 :location "Madrid, Spain" :hobbies "origami"}]

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