Rich Terminals

Create rich Terminal-User-Interface (TUI) apps in ClojureScript with commonly used web technologies.

ClojureScript Terminal User Interface apps

Instant changes from REPL

cljs-tui REPL demo

Connect your editor to the nREPL server and send code changes to your running app without even saving a file. Ideal for changing application state, redefining functions, or debugging.

Example: Floki - a data browser

Floki JSON EDN terminal browser

Floki terminal browswer for JSON and EDN data

Commonly used web technologies

  • Write views in React with the ClojureScript Reagent wrapper.
  • Reagent views compose together just like React components

Create rich applications

  • Reagent atoms for simple, local state updates
  • Reframe for handling effects and updating shared app state
  • Functional programming and data-oriented design for a fast feedback cycle.

Distribute your applications

Transpile ClojureScript into vanilla JavaScript and distribute your application on NPM for easy installation and quick startup times.

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