Editor Install Guides

All these editors support Clojure development. Use an editor you are familiar with or ask a coach for advice.

Editor Install Guides
Atom & ProtoREPL or Atom & Proton
Microsoft VSCode & Calva
IntelliJ & Cursive

Clojure editor options

Install guides are provided for all these editors.

Atom.io is flexible and simple to use editor. The ProtoREPL plugin adds support for Clojure and ClojureScript.

Atom.io and ProtoREPL

Simplified menu and configuration approach

Proton offers a simple mnemonic menu as an alternative to the somewhat cumbersome keybindings in Atom.io. Proton also gives you a simple text configuration to manage all your packages quickly.

Atom.io proton-mode demo

Spacemacs is a community configuration bring Emacs and Vim together. Spacemacs uses a mnemonic menu system that makes it easy to learn.

Spacemacs, Practicalli guides you through Clojure development, documenting with org-mode, Git version control with Magit, Vim editing modes and dozens of other features.

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